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The Impact of COVID -19

Like any business, Frifty Consulting is impacted by the pandemic.

Indeed, despite good support the government has provided to a number of businesses and employees, as a new company, we fall in the 5% or so that currently isn't eligible for support.

This is a setback but coupled with a need to shield a household makes the challenge a little bit more difficult. That being said, there are heroes out there keeping us safe and saving lives.

One thing for sure, is that we are all in this together and we need to be prepared for when the economy picks up, while protecting those around us from this deadly virus.

Something that won't change is what the Founder, Mal Drury-Rose, can offer you, even if this is remotely or via social distancing following the guidance that the government sets at the time.

Frifty Consulting isn't going anywhere, anytime soon and are determined to make a positive difference, in supporting you, as we deal with the challenges together in the future.

We stand ready to help.

With all best wishes, stay safe and well.


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