Frifty Consulting is all about providing a professional, honest and trusted service for our clients. Our personal, quality service is designed to deliver the best value, whilst helping you to be successful.  

Why choose us? 

We have a unique combination of working on the client side for government and the private sector for industry.


A combined experience of over 30 years in contract, safety, operational, people, procurement and budget management. 


Our experience and achievements are wide and varied and can provide you with vital support to help you achieve your aims. 

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    Teams are the heart of any organisation.
    With over 30 years experience managing teams,   our  learning can help you.
    Our vision is to work with you and leave a positive impact but to never overstay our welcome. 

    Over 20 years experience of real time rail operations in a safety critical industry.
    We get industry with our experience in both private and public sectors.
    Let us help you travel in the right direction.

    With over 10 years experience in devolved government, we understand how it works.
    Our experience includes the successful
     negotiation of agreements between administrations and the management of safety, stakeholders and high value contracts.

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